Friday, September 16, 2011

Tot School

Emma is 32 months
Will is 11 months
Tot School
Tot School via 1+1+1=1

We've had some nice Tot School time over the last two weeks, despite the kids' stomach bugs, my being out of town, and then today Will knocked his chin and stuck his teeth into his tongue. Poor kid has three holes in his tongue. One is fairly substantial, but the other two are smaller. He's doing ok, but I'm sure things are pretty sore!

Emma has been enjoying number recognition activities. These free printables came from TLSBooks. Emma used a highlighter to pick out all of the 1's, 2's, 3's, on up to 10.

We split this up over several days, which helped her to keep straight which number she was looking for on the page. I'd love to do this again and stick the pages in plastic page protectors so that we can use them more than once!

We did several activities with numbers 1 and 2. Emma used stickers to make the numbers follow a pattern I made on a paper for her.

We also used cut and paste number sheets from ABCteach. I cut the numbers out for Emma and we worked on recognizing 1-5, as well as putting them in the correct order.

She was instructed to color the numbers and she opted for tracing them yet again. She did a pretty good job, too!

After we worked with the cut out numbers, Emma used a glue stick to paste them in the correct order at the end of the week.

We also used the back of some of the number recognition sheets to work on tracing some more letters. Emma did some tracing but ended up drawing circles around most of the numbers.

Emma is still our tomato loving girl! One of her favorite things to do is to help with the garden, especially the picking! The tomatoes usually don't make it in the house...this one is headed right into Emma's mouth (in one bite!)

We pulled the muffin tins back out this week. Even though it was mostly for Will, Emma had some fun with them too. We worked on putting the correct color blocks in order.

This was challenging for her because she had to turn the blocks to find the right color before putting them in order. She got a lot better as we worked on it!

One rainy afternoon we made microwave Turkish Delight. This was our second time making this recipe, and it was much better this time! I cut the recipe in half, so I altered the microwave cook times in order to compensate. We made lemon flavored Turkish Delight this time. Emma really wanted to color it blue, but I convinced her that yellow would make more sense.

She was a great help pouring, counting, and even did a little stirring.

 We did a couple together activities, including playing with shaving cream.

This is such a great finger paint.

And we did a special afternoon bath that was mostly an excuse to try out glow sticks in the bathtub!

Hard to get a picture, but you can sort of tell that they were putting them into a large cup.

Tiny Tot School

Will loves music! He is so cute when we pull out the different instruments and crank up the music. He dances and bangs and even stomps his feet to the music.

Inspired by this idea of baby play with apples from Lightning Bug Literacy, I pulled out our bag of apples with the muffin tins.

He seemed to know exactly what to do, although he preferred to throw the apples into the tin instead of simply placing them.

He had so much fun doing this that when we put it away for another activity...

this face showed up really quickly! Poor Will. (We did some more with the apples)

We did a couple variations with the muffin tins since Will liked them so much. Large beads...
  and balls...

Mom's Favorites
Oh, blue highlighter!

And take a look at that beautiful girl!

Big boy enjoying the swings!

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Sarah said...

I feel kind of bad for laughing at Will's sad face....but I totally cracked up, he looked so cute and pathetic! He is looking like less of a baby and more like a little boy :)