Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Longer Video

This is such a sweet video of both Will and Emma. You get to see Will talking - he's learned so many new words lately! And Emma is slightly obsessed with Becca's pastor's son, Kohl. They send each other "I love you" videos through Becca, haha!


pam said...

That's hilarious! Oh to be a toddler and "in love". Seriously though, I'm glad that they can enjoy sending little messages back and forth even if it's subtle. Noel just got a set of twin baby dolls for Christmas and one of them is named Emma. Too fun! Looking forward to seeing you all again maybe one day?!? :)

lindsay said...

Hey now, Kellen wants to know who this Kohl kid is? He might have to pay him a visit!

guitargirl75 said...

Lindsay, sounds like Kellen needs to get his video up and running, and express his love for Emma quickly! ;-)