Monday, January 30, 2012


We had some mild weather last week, so we took full advantage of it by spending as much time as possible outside! One particularly nice day we went for a long walk through the neighborhood.

Emma loves to look at the ducks in our nearby pond.

 There were a ton to see that day. Will pointing out the ducks:

After we made it a good way through the neighborhood, I took Emma and Will to the lone swingset. They had a blast!

The sky was amazing.

As were some of their expressions!

It was soooo nice to get to be outside in January!


ChewBecca said...

I love the photos when you were looking up at them on the swings! Nice angle ;)

Beth Anne said...

I thought you might ;-)

guitargirl75 said...

What fun! Seems not too long ago I heard "Swing me, Mommy" from some girls I know. Glad you live in such a great neighborhood.

Lindsay G. said...

Very nice! You should come down and visit our playground. Emma and Will would really love it!