Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Family is Growing!

This year will surely hold many new experiences for our family, and we hope that one of them will be adding to our family through adoption! We are planning to adopt through the Delaware Foster Care System. We have a lot to learn, so you can be praying for us as we go through this new and uncharted territory.

A few details:
-We still need to decide on an adoption agency - our goal is to finalize this so we can move forward by the end of January.
-We would like to have a child younger than Will, but would be willing to consider a child older than him as long as they were younger than Emma.
-Also, we do not want to be "foster parents" at this point in our lives - that is, we know we will have to be approved as foster parents, but want to be in a situation where any child that comes into our stays as part of our forever family.

The cost of a foster care adoption is usually minimal, but there will certainly be other things to consider like probably upgrading from our Accord to add room for another car seat. We'll be sure to post about any fundraising we do! In the mean time, do you shop on Amazon? If you click through any of the Amazon
links on this blog or Thrifty Living and make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. I've also added a banner on the sidebar. We are putting aside any money earned this way for future adoption expenses.

It's exciting to see how God is working in all of our lives right now. Emma asks us every day to pray for "another brother and another sister"!

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InDeeds said...

Hooray - can't wait to hear more updates as you guys move forward with thing!