Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

We had a blast in Williamsburg at the indoor water park. None of us had ever been there before, but we are looking forward to going back sometime!

Every 5 minutes this giant bucket dumped water. A bell rang before it dumped as a warning and Emma and Will loved watching it.

There were four large rides for tubes and two smaller rides that didn't need a tube.

We took Will on two of the tube rides with us. He really wanted to go until we got up on the ride, then we had to more or less convince him and he wasn't thrilled on the way down. But afterwards he kept talking about the slides and wanting to go again.

Emma took a little to warm up to all of the spraying water, but was very brave and let us take her all through the water maze.

Will camped out under the bucket with a number of us to get dumped on - he loved it!

Omi and Martin got to try the Waverider ride and did really well. I would have loved to try but I was still having trouble with my toe and wasn't able to.

Emma and Will loved watching them and cheering them on!

The little slides in the kids area were a big hit on the last day, just before it was time to start home.

Emma finally came into her own and loved sliding down, counting each slide as she ran around to do it again.

We wore these kiddos out!

At night they had a show in the Lobby with singing and a special surprise...


It was a great little getaway vacation right before the Christmas season go into full swing!

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