Monday, January 28, 2013

New Years Celebration

We enjoyed ringing in the new year with the Proffitts once again. The big kids had a blast eating at their special table for meals.

We went to a local park to check out the light display in the evening.

Apparently all the kids like to stand by the Peanuts characters because the snow was so packed down it was slick like a sheet of ice. Right after I snapped this picture the three of them too turns having their feet slip out from under them!

All settled in bed (for the moment). They took quite a while to fall asleep, initially Will and Joshua took turns climbing on Emma's bed and she would reprimand them.

They were so worn out from getting up early the next morning too that Will passed out on my lap. That hasn't happened since embed was probably 4 months old!

We spent the majority of New Year's Day watching the Mummers parade and and enjoying the time to relax!

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