Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We enjoyed this year's Christmas season so much, especially with how excited Emma and Will were about each little thing.

They could hardly wait each day to run the train and take turns pushing the whistle and looking for smoke from the locomotive.

We enjoyed a Christmas coffee house fundraiser at church. Will loved the time of kids singing and perched himself right next to Brian playing the guitar. While all the other kids sang, Will could hardly keep his hands from reaching up to play along!

I had great cookie making helpers this year! They were SO into helping with each thing, and on the whole obeyed instructions pretty well.

Our new favorite winter treat: peppermint marshmallows :)

In homemade hot cocoa...yum!

We drove to a local house that had a stellar lights show that matched a specific radio station.

And we basically wore the kiddos out...during December naps were a necessity and one night we even found the kids like this!

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Great Oma said...

It's such a wonderful time for kids, and big people too. So thankful you were able to come to my house. We always have a good time.