Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book List: July

I've been meaning to get up my book list from July, but I'm just now getting to it! July is full of my eclectic taste in books:

I can't wait until Emma is a little older and I can read this book out loud to her! It is one of my favorites by Jane Austin, and I love how it is full of great examples for girls (and women) in their relationships with men. I think Jane Austin captures this better than just about any author, while still writing a wonderful fiction piece.

A few years back I read Creators , which has a chapter on Jane Austin. She never wrote a conversation that happened between two men (or what a man was thinking) because as a woman she believed she would not be able to capture it accurately. Its interesting to notice this while reading her, especially as a man relates his thoughts to a woman (thus allowing the woman to find out what he was thinking).

Martin and I were given this book while at the NEXT conference over Memorial Day weekend, and I just got around to it this month. This was a simple, easy to read book, but full of many gems that I was able to mull over throughout the days.

I had never read this Han Solo trilogy before, and Martin told me how much he thought I would like it...I did finish the third book, but I figured I would leave that until August since the months changed while reading. I really loved this series! It captured the spirit of the original Star Wars movies and added details that only true Star Wars fans can completely appreciate (including explaining how the Millinium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parscecs when parsceces is a distance of measure, not a time!)

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