Monday, August 2, 2010

Delaware State Fair!

On Wednesday (yes, it was about 90 degrees!) we headed south to go to the Delaware State Fair with our friends the Thompsons and the Goodsells. The only way I made it was because of the generous cloud cover most of the day (and the air conditioned stop we made in one of the buildings mid-afternoon).

Emma had a blast getting to see the colors and vendors and run around!

We saw a ton of animals too. The pigs were ALL taking naps! At the petting zoo Emma really liked the giraffe (she did not touch him) and she did pet some of the small animals like the sheep, goats, and pony, but as soon as one of the real and live animals looked at her, she would back up from the pen, whine, and start stomping her feet! It was really funny!

Emma also loves large, mechanical equipment these days (tractors, trucks, planes, trains, etc), so getting to sit on the tractor was awesome for her.

And a cute one with Daddy!

Emma enjoyed getting to see Jake and Madison, but I think she is still rather partial to "her" baby, Kellen...

He is SO sweet! (Check out Lindsay's blog for a cute post about this picture too!)

We finished up the day at the fair with the circus. We ended up leaving just before it finished because it was so hot under the tent (with no circulation!!). Emma was a trooper the whole day, especially since she didn't get a nap until 6 when we left! She was out basically by the time we pulled out of the parking lot, and slept the whole way home. We stopped for a supersize cherry limeaid on the way north - a great way to end a great family day!

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Love that little dumplin' power walking! So cute!!!