Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tot School: At the beach & lots of new words!

Tot School!

Emma is 19 months

Tot School

Tot school last week was the beach edition! I did a pretty good job of keeping the blog updated on some of our day-to-day activities, but did not focus on what Emma was learning as much. My camera battery died on day 2, so I have some holes for pictures right now, because I didn't get everyone's put on the computer yet!

Some of Emma's new words that I don't have in the pictures below are 'choo-choo' 'boo-boo' 'juice' 'Memma or Mamma' (for Emma) and 'Trrr' (for truck) and raspberries noises for bee noises!

The beach was, of course, one of the main attractions for Emma (once she got over being scared of it the first day). She enjoyed the freedom of getting to walk wherever she wanted, since we had a good bit of beach to ourselves. Classic Emma with her "purse" pose.

Emma's scooping skills improved a ton recently! She's been feeding herself cereal with a spoon for breakfast most mornings and she did a great job scooping sand into her bucket.

The last day we were at the beach she began filling her bucket with water and dumping it into a hole we had dug. This was probably her favorite thing we did on the beach! She also enjoyed dancing and kicking her feet in the water...

Uncle Evan became Emma's special buddy over the week. She loved standing out on the porch and looking for birds with him. They also had fun looking at pictures and videos online. The monkey videos were her favorite!

Emma also enjoyed looking for birds with Pap Pap out on the porch. She now says her version of bird when she sees them in books! Pap Pap has also become one of her favorite new words!

We brought several new books from the library along for vacation, and there wasn't a day that went by without Emma getting several people to read to her! Oma especially enjoyed reading to her in the morning before the Aunties got up. Several of the books were about fish (Emma calls them shish), which made Marine Scientist Aunt Sarah very happy!

I dont have a picture right now, but Emma loved playing guitar with Omi! She would go over to the guitar case and work on the latches when she wanted to play some music. Omi let Emma sit with her and taught her how to strum. They even "played" a few songs together!

And of course, Emma loved dancing to the music in the restaurant we ate at in Charleston! She kept up her dancing after dinner several nights also.

Emma enjoyed giving everyone kisses before bed each night. Aunt Becca was even able to snag one on the beach one day! Emma tried to say Becca several times too - she at least was getting the 'B' sound!
The week wore Emma out for sure! We celebrated Evan finishing his music therapy internship by going out to dinner one night and Emma was sacked out by the time we got home:

Mom's Favorite...really its hard to pick one, but this one was so darn cute!

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