Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We went into Charleston today and took a carriage ride around part of the city. It was really cool to get to see a bunch of the old churches:

And tons of beautiful, southern houses!

There is always a nice breeze in Charleston (at least, that's what our tour guide told us), which helped keep us cool on the ride for the most part. I ended up being rather swollen by the end and Emma was pretty flushed from the heat too:
so we went to get some authentic Charleston food which included She Crab Soup, hush puppies (yay!),

and shrimp and grits.

It was an amazing lunch (probably because we were all starving), and completely revived Emma.
She really enjoyed dancing with Uncle Evan

and then giving him lots of high fives!

After dinner this evening, we were all sitting around the table and Emma was able to point to each person when we asked her where they were! She has started saying "Pap Pap" and "Ma" for Oma, but she really knows who everyone is now, which is very sweet.

The week is passing way too quickly...just 2 more full days at the beach!

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Jason and Megan said...

We love Charleston, it's so beautiful! I'm so glad you guys are having such a wonderful time!