Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had so much fun on Saturday celebrating Emma's second birthday with our family! Thanks to Oma, Grandmom, Pap and Omi, and Aunt Becca for making the trip! Emma has been fighting a cold, but she still had fun. I was very excited with how the cake turned out...I was able to make a train cake using Emma's new train set!

(Emma loved it!)

I'll be posting how I made it very soon!

Will got to enjoy a little time on Emma's new tricycle!

Family photo!

Emma loves hearing her name in 'Happy Birthday'


Good stuff, huh Emma?

And special thanks to the lovely Becca for the amazing pictures!!


Great Oma said...

Had a really fun time. So glad I could come. I can't believe Emma is 2. Time flies. Will is also a real treasure, soooooo sweet.

lindsay said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! Your getting so big!

Jason and Megan said...

Happy Birthday Emma!! I'm so glad you had such a fun time at your party and the cake looked very yummy!

Lindsay G. said...

Great pictures and great memories! Enjoy being 2 years old Emma. I can't believe how big Will is getting. He'll be able to peddle soon!