Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have been SO busy the last 2 weeks! It has been fun, but it was also nice to get back to our normal routine today. Here are just a few pictures from what we have been doing!

Emma loved playing with some special Christmas stickers

And we made a bunch of Christmas cookies. Emma loved to watch, and also got to help. She did a great job unwrapping all of the Hershey's kisses for our Peanut Blossoms!

Will is an adorable little boy, and is full of smiles for us all the time now! 

Emma had a blast unwrapping presents (I think we opened 7 different times!). This expression is for her own stick of chapstick, which is her reward for using the potty.


Our Christmas morning at home together!

Emma loves snow this year! She was so scared last year, but loves her new snow boots and walking through the snow. 

Martin and I got to go out for dinner New Years Eve with Karene and Jeremy while the grandparents babysat for the 3 kiddos. We had a special dinner in downtown Baltimore and brought home cheesecake from Cheesecake factory so that we could watch the fireworks on TV instead of staying out! Joshua and Will posed for us before we headed out:

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Great Oma said...

What adorable pictures, Beth Anne. I really enjoyed all the time I got to spend with you and Martin and Kids. It was very special to me. Take care. I love you.