Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Will - 3 Month Update

Will's official 3 month birthday isn't until the 13th, but since this 13th has some extra special significance, I'm posting his update a little early.

Will is quite a trooper! This last month has been challenging for him in several ways. Right before Christmas I found a hair wrapped around the middle toe of one foot, so tight that the toe was swollen twice the size of the others, turned bright red, and had really cut into the skin. We had several nurses and our doctor look at it under a magnifying glass to confirm the hair was completely removed. It took several days for the swelling to abate and the color to return to normal. There was a ton of peeling skin for about a week too. The morning I discovered the hair was because of giving Will an emergency bath after a huge spit up all over himself. If not for that bath, his toe could have suffered real damage...God is good, and even uses spit up!

The second difficult thing this month was that Will's spit-up volume increased and became very painful for him. On the whole, we would call him a very pleasant and sweet baby, but after eating he was often very fussy, especially after spitting up. He was having trouble napping during the day as well. Then last week he had two huge spit-ups that were brown (bloody). Will is on Zantac now, and on the whole it seems to already be helping him feel better. He is spitting up less, napping like a champ, and in a lot less pain during and after feedings. Yay!

Other than those two things, Will has been a pretty normal and adorable kid!

Will and Emma are already great buddies. Will gets so excited by her, and she loves him dearly.

Will is really starting to get those hands working. He loves getting them in his mouth, and is starting to grab and hold onto toys now.

Emma loves to hold Will, and sometimes she topples over onto her back with him on her belly. Secretly, Will can't wait until he can wrestle her back!

They have a great time under Will's new playmat.

Will really loves mirrors, and often cracks himself up looking into the mirror. He is rolling over less the last few weeks, but is moving around on his belly now. He pushes up onto his toes and gets his backside up in the air...too cute!

We love you so much, Will! Happy 3 month birthday!


InDeeds said...

Yikes! an adventurous 3rd month! I am glad his toe is ok, and his reflux is improved!

Anonymous said...

We love him too! So glad he's doing better. Love, Pap Pap

guitargirl75 said...

Awww, sweet pictures of a sweet boy! I'm glad things are looking up, and happy birthday to Emma and Will tomorrow! Love from their Omi

Maura said...

I had no idea about his poor little toe. I'm glad it didn't turn out to be an emergency. He is so, so handsome!

GrandMomPat said...

Love this adorable little man.Cute pictures. He is growing so fast. Glad he is improving with the medicine. Happy 3 months Will.
Lots of Love, Grandmom