Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One year check-up

It's always interesting to guess where the kiddos are going to be on the charts when they go for check-ups. No real surprises at Will's one year!

He is right at the 25th percentile for height at 2 feet 5 inches, and is just under the 25th for weight at 21 pounds. His head size shot up quite a bit, now around the 80th percentile. Our doctor commented that it is just to hold all his brains!

We had a wonderful birthday party on Saturday and were so thankful that so much of our families could make it! Sadly, our camera met a rather untimely and unexplained demise in the middle of the party, which has made blogging even more challenging!

But, since it would be a pity to post without a picture, here is a repeat: the birthday boy in all his glory!

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InDeeds said...

That is a pretty fantastic picture of the birthday boy!