Thursday, October 13, 2011

Will is 1!

October 13, 2010

The weather had just turned cooler and William Paul decided it was time to make his appearance. We were at the hospital just 2 hours before he was born and signed the "you can deliver my child" papers while holding him in our arms.

Our sweet boy, just 30 minutes old.

Will weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and arrived 4 days before his due date.

First family of four photo

From day one, Will has been completely doted upon by his big sister, Emma.


Will has always been a strong kid. He held his head up very early and started rolling over at 4 weeks old.

He began to smile near the end of the month, more than a week after showing us his rolling skills.


Will got a lot of use out of his fuzzy bear suit between cutting down our Christmas tree, taking walks in the stroller, and even going outside in the snow. He loved to be in the middle of whatever we were doing.


Will started looking less like a newborn and more like a baby. He also began to spit up more and more and be very cranky during feedings. He spit up blood more than once, which prompted us to have him examined by the GI specialists at AI Dupont Hospital for Children. Diagnosed with moderate to severe acid reflux, Will ended up taking Prevacid to help with the pain. Thank God for medication!

Will also gave us quite a scare in January. An ambulance ride to AI and a few hours in the ER because of RSV. He was a trooper and put up with all the nebulizer treatments and saline drops and we are so thankful for how well he pulled through.


Once we got the reflux medication figured out, Will was able to return to his happy, content self. We love that sweet smile!

And he fully embraced his role as the little brother. He laughed and smiled for Emma and loved when she played with him. He also started eating rice cereal and LOVED it!


Will began to try and sit on his own, but mostly enjoyed the Bumbo seat. He wore his Orioles gear proudly too!


Will perfected his sitting skills in April, got a tooth, started scooting around on the floor while on his back, and babbled non-stop! He also began eating more variety of foods and loved every single one.


While Will worked on three additional teeth, we traveled to North Carolina see Aunt Becca graduate and for Evan and Jeanine's wedding.

Will started trying to crawl, but it mostly involved scooting backwards!

Will began to make forward progress with his army crawl/scoot at the beginning of the month, and by the end of June was making great time all around the house. He also got a ton of teeth, which really made him start looking like a big boy!


To beat the heat, we spent many mornings out back in the shade with a little tub of water. Will loved splashing and playing in the water with Emma. He started pulling himself into a stand and this is still is favorite (dangerous!) way of bathing. He is a total dare devil and has no fear of falling.

He even convinced himself he could walk...he would pull up to a stand, then let go and lunge forward without moving his feet, totally face-planting every single time. And loving it!


Will and Emma started really playing together in August. He would follow her around and try to take whatever toy she had (like a good little brother?). They both love music, and Will especially enjoys our family worship time at night before bed. He started taking steps early in the month...3 here, 6 there, and by the end of the month was purposefully walking where he wanted to go.

Near the end of the month Will started signing more!


Last month Will really blossomed into a big boy. He looks much older. He interacts with us using several signs, and he understands much of what we say to him. He gets very upset when he does not get his way! He still loves to eat, and plays the dropping game in his high chair.

October 13, 2011

Our big boy still looks so much like his newborn pictures...amazing!

He has a wonderful laugh and beautiful smile!

Over the summer, Will's hair lightened a lot, and it is looking curly in the back.

He is a confidant walker.

Loved brother,

and cherished son.


This first year of your life has flown by so quickly, and we have loved watching you grow and develop from a helpless newborn into a rolling and cooing infant into a stumbling toddler and now a sweet and fearless boy. God has used your little life to make us trust in Him more and to show us that He is in control. You've made our lives full in a way we never could have imagined before you were born. We love your kisses and your running start hugs. You are full of energy and love life!

As you grow over this next year, we will be constant in prayer for your safety and hope that you learn a little caution! We look forward to seeing you and Emma grow together even more. We will seek God first and foremost and do our best to lead you closer to Him through our example. Happy 1st Birthday, Little Man!

Love always,

Daddy and Mommy


guitargirl75 said...

Precious tribute, Beth Anne! Thanks for doing this for all of us to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Omi!

Betsy said...

Happy birthday Will! We can't wait to see you and family
next weekend!

Adrian and Meredith said...

*sigh* I'm crying a little. That was lovely. Crazy how fast the time goes, though.

KAP said...

Happy birthday Will! We love you!

GrandMomPat said...

Beautifully stated. We are all so blessed.Need more tissues. Happy Birthday Will! Love you

Maura said...

Happy Birthday Will! that was so beautiful! You're a great mommy!

InDeeds said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Will!