Thursday, December 8, 2011

Book List

Its been several months since I did a little recap of the books I've read, so I'll try to be brief.

Fiction favorites:

The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy - A fun little book, the story of Pride and Prejudice from the viewpoint of Mr. Darcy.

Unnatural Death - Another Lord Peter Wimsey novel, this one was my favorite so far!

Jane Eyre - I can't believe I had never read this great classic. I loved it. Long, but a really wonderful story.

Thorn In My Heart - The first novel in a series of historical fiction set in late 1700s Scotland. Its a retelling of the Biblical account of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel.

NonFiction Favorites:

Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language: Hereditary Deafness on Martha's Vineyard - A fascinating book that Martin and I read aloud to each other. There was an unusually large number of people born deaf in the early years of Martha's Vineyard settlement. No one considered these deaf handicapped, rather, everyone learned sign language as a result of communicating with the deaf in their community.

Pour Your Heart into It - The 1999 story of Starbucks by Howard Schultz. Really interesting stuff about coffee and business. I'm looking forward to reading the new book Onward sometime next year.

Miniatures and Morals - The Christian novels of Jane Austin. Leithart analyzes each of Austin's novels, pulling out the Christian implications of her writing. His opening remarks about "real men read Austin" are superb ("The mere fact that her novels give men an opportunity to see romance through the eyes of an uncommonly perceptive woman should be enough to recommend them.")

Honey for a child's heart - A fantastic book about the importance of books and reading to children. The second half of the book is an extensive annotated book list broken down by age, starting with picture books.

The Money Saving Mom's Budget - This book is released in January, I was given an advance copy to review. Lots of great stuff, not only about managing your money well, but also managing your time, cutting clutter (both physical and mental), and being content with what you have. I'm giving away a copy on Thrifty Living (ends 12/9).


guitargirl75 said...

I was just reading about a movie coming out Dec. 25 called "War Horse". Says it is a children's book about a boy and his horse, and how from the horse's perspective, the war went. If you get a chance to look at it, I was wondering if this might be a good movie to see, or maybe a book you and the kiddos would like.

Beth Anne said...

I think I heard about that too, but I haven't read it before. I'll have to put it on my Goodreads list!