Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Sweet

The other day, Will fell asleep just a few minutes before we made it home. Since it was time for lunch, I figured that he would wake up when I took him out of the carseat and brought him inside. Will continued to sleep like a champ, even with me rubbing his back and trying to wake him.

I stuck him on the couch so I could get started on Emma's lunch, and was sure that he would wake up any minute. While I was in the kitchen Emma went over to the couch, crawled up next to him, and proceeded to snuggle with him - still sound asleep!

He didn't budge as she hugged, kissed, and then started pulling up his I gave up! Nap time!


Anonymous said...

How sweet indeed! And big boys need their rest!

InDeeds said...

That is pretty amazing, and super sweet! How could any one sleep through all that. He must have been crazy tired!