Monday, December 5, 2011


In preparation for making a Christmas card with good pictures of the kids, I've been working for a few days, er, weeks, ok actually months (!) to get a good picture of Emma and Will together. Here are a couple that probably won't be on your card this year!

(If you're noticing the theme of Emma being thrilled while telling Will what to too!)

A cute one! But 

A perfect picture of Emma holding...oh, the doll baby :-)

And then poor Will was just done with pictures.

Apparently Mommy didn't get the memo yet...

And neither did Emma. She kept giggling and poor Will was pitiful!

Oh kiddos! Thankfully, we do have pictures better than these. But I'm holding on to those until a little bit later!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!!

Great Oma said...

Oh, that poor little unhappy fellow.

guitargirl75 said...

Oh, that is pitiful. Tell Will I have some bananas to eat and cars to play with, and I'm on my way to rescue him ;-)