Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snapshots of Christmas

Our Christmas, mostly summed up in photos.

Martin and I both battled nasty colds.

Our Nativity scene. Usually missing Baby Jesus for any number of reasons. Favorites include Emma putting him in a diaper, blowing raspberries on his belly, and Will just carrying him around.

Gifts wrapped!

Some favorite ornaments...

Both kids love pressing the button so the Star Wars theme plays on the Millennium Falcon.

The Ravens, play-off bound again.

A Charleston, SC basket from last year's vacation.

Martin's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Grandpa's train around the tree.

 First stop Christmas morning, surprise balloons in Emma's room. We had fun playing together before heading downstairs.

Stockings (how many hundred hours of cross-stitching...)

Will learned to go down stairs!

Listening to the Star Wars ornament.


Will was a wrapping paper tearing pro this year.

"A new Jesus Bible!"


 Listening to the Christmas story on the new Jesus Storybook Bible audiobook.

Special gift...

New trains!

Will's car ramp

We are so thankful for all the family we got to see this weekend...hope we didn't get any of you sick too! A wonderful Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Looks like Will has his hands on "Yightning" McQueen! And Emma has plenty of her own trains now!

InDeeds said...

Love the stockings! Also, Emma looks so grown up sitting on your lap reading a book - she looks so much like a big kid and not even a toddler.