Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Steps

About a week and a half ago Will starting his next great adventure...steps! Not stairs steps, but baby steps. He's taken three or four in a row now, but usually his steps are one and a half and then a face plant. It's been a challenge to get a picture of him actually walking, but here are a few (blurry) shots.

Start off standing (item in mouth is optional, of course!)

There's a step! And probably a face plant afterwards.

A face-plant like this one, most likely. Although he is pretty well set up to catch himself with his hands I suppose.

I think I'll walk over to Emma...

 Will loves to stand. He has pretty good balance and will stand and play with a number of toys now. He is really loving this ball popper!

Will also does a great job picking things up while he's standing by himself. 

Look what I found!

Such a big boy! We'll work on getting a video of him soon!


Lindsay G. said...

Yay for Will! I knew he would walk early. How exciting!

Sarah said...

hah, he has a zombie walk, with the arms outstretched!

GrandMomPat said...

Great, wow, he is advancing so fast
love seeing these pictures.

InDeeds said...

Man, Phoebe better hurry up and take off before Will officially laps her..literally.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

These pictures are so funny! They totally capture the early walker stage :) cute!