Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mommy Date Day

Monday morning I took Emma and Will out for a special date day! We had been home most of the weekend and I at least was getting a little cabin fever. Its so hot that we haven't been playing outside much, so we headed to the mall (and the A/C).

A blurry shot of us before we headed out the door!
(Incidentally, I realized after the fact that most of the pictures from the day were slightly blurry. Mall lighting is not the greatest.)

First stop: Barnes & Noble!

Will sat in the stroller and Emma sat next to him while I read books to them.

Emma loved counting the animals in this book...each animal had a dot on it that you pushed down and it made a popping sound...like the tops of fountain soda lids.

Will thought he was one of the big kids playing at the train set!

We packed lunch and ate in the food court. Emma was really excited for her PB&J.

And Will loves bananas!

After lunch we stopped for a bathroom break. We were waiting at the family restroom because they are the only ones with changing tables. Both of the family restroom doors were locked. A man and his son came out of the men's room and told us that they had waited for a long time and then realized that no one from the mall had unlocked the doors in the morning....so no change table! Thankfully, our Phil & Teds stroller was up to the challenge. We parked it in a large stall and laid the main seat all the way down so that I could change Will. TA-DA!

Next we walked around looking in a few stores, but mostly just Emma and Will riding and us talking about the different things we saw. We stopped for a sample of tea too, which Emma loved!

The fountain is always a favorite spot to stop. Since we are usually just walking by quickly, stopping to get out and sit on the steps is a real treat.

Will took the opportunity to chew on his cup a little.

We found this cool mirror and took a picture!

The new-ish play area in the mall is right by the fountain. Emma had a blast going down the slide and climbing on the different objects. The floor is nice and squishy, so Will was able to crawl around also.

Both of them are sitting in this racecar. Will was probably trying to escape out the back. This was the best picture I got of him because a little boy who was probably about 2 thought Will was his new best friend and followed him around everywhere, crawling alongside and on top of Will. Will didn't skip a beat because that's what Emma does to him half the time, but this kid was not nearly as used to little ones as Emma.

We finished things up with a quick trip through Target. I had a few grocery items to get and I tortured Emma and Will a little bit by looking at the clearance racks until they started getting fussy. We made it out to the car where Emma was super excited to get to sit in the front seat while I fed Will. Both of them fell asleep on the way home...plum tuckered out!

It was so much fun to get out without having a real agenda. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather so that we can do more trips outside again. Just for fun, take a look at this post about a date with Emma last year about this time!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Give Emma a kiss on her nose boo-boo from Pap Pap too.

InDeeds said...

I love purposeful mommy-and-kiddos dates! Its so important to just take time and have fun together!