Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

On Saturday we celebrated the first birthday of our Godson, Joshua! The party was on the actual day, so while Joshua turned a year old, Emma turned 31 months old and Will turned 10 months old. God knew we needed to simply dates apparently!

Joshua was thrilled about his hat.

But everything was all better once he eyed up that cake!
 And dug in, of course!
 Yum Yum

Joshua and Will went for a quick dip in the pool afterwards, just before the rain started.
 Will and Uncle Kevin

Emma really enjoyed her special watermelon soda!

Joshua did a pretty good job opening packages too. He and Will are checking out a new truck.

The kiddos all got dressed up for the occasion. Joshua went as Charlie Brown, and Emma and Will were Leia and Luke. They were all so adorable in their outfits, but after the fact we had very few pictures of them in the costumes!

Here is the best full length view of Emma and Will

Karene made Joshua's Charlie Brown shirt, Emma is wearing my angel costume from 25 or so years ago, and Will is looking super thrilled in his moisture farmer duds.
It was a wonderful day with family and friends celebrating Joshua's first year!


Sarah said...

I can't stop giggling, this is just too cute. Great job with the costumes and happy birthday Joshua!!

ChewBecca said...

I am the same way as Sarah, I just can't stop giggling! The outfits are too cute-they turned out great :) I especially like Will's wrap around his waist and Emma's hair. Looks like it was a fun time had by all!

KAP said...