Monday, August 1, 2011


Our bedtime activities have always been pretty minimal, though things are certainly more easily prolonged getting both Emma and Will ready at the same time. 

Before Emma could say all the words we got into the habit of singing the Doxology (Praise God aka Praise Father Son) as we said goodnight. Now we have to field requests for multiple songs each night, usually including Amazing Grace, Holy, Holy Holy, How Great is our God, Take my Life, Glorious Day. We keep bedtime songs to worship songs and pick two or three to do. If Emma wants to sing any others we let her after we leave the room (and yes, we do listen at the door to hear her sing many nights!).

Will lights up when we sing and often makes his baby noises along with us. They especially like to lay in Emma's bed together while we sing! Emma tells us, "I want Will to sleep in my bed tonight." 

They enjoyed sleeping in the same room while we were in Vermont. We would go check to see if they were sleeping because everything was quiet, and they would be sitting up in their pack and plays smiling at each other. It looks like they will be all ready to share a room someday!


InDeeds said...

So precious!

Anonymous said...

I tried to post yesterday but hit a wrong button and lost it! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for the time and effort to share these little glimpses into your family. I want to be sure you know the joy that it brings me and Mom...this picture is now the 12x15 wallpaper on both my computer screens at work! And I want you and Martin to know how thankful we are for your diligent efforts to invest in teaching Emma and Will about the Lord, to live it out in your home, and to guide them to serve Him even from their youth. We love you all so much.