Friday, July 6, 2012

It's hot...pool time!

We've been braving the heat by spending time in the pool!

On this particular occasion, Will and Joshua were big fans and kept cracking each other up, while Emma insisted that she was cold and needed to sit wrapped in a towel.

Mostly, everyone has fun in the pool!

And our new slide has been a great addition to our backyard pool fun!

Emma loves to sit in front of the slide so that Will splashes her as he slides into the water.

It's been so hot that I even spent part of naptime sitting in the pool reading! This has been a fantastic pool, heartily recommended if you are in the market. Our came from Amazon for just $15, which was quite a deal considering they are now selling it for just over $40! This is probably one of those that changes price frequently, so check back if you are interested.

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Lindsay G. said...

We had a pool like that when we were kids. Looks like Emma & Will are having a fun summer. Maybe next year Andrew can join them!