Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Fourth of July Celebration

Another July 4th, another trip to Oregon Ridge! I would love to know how many years we've been going...Mom may be able to give a pretty close guess.

Missing one sissy!

A new favorite family picture!

Will had such a blast this year. Both he and Emma love the different musical events we've done lately, and this one was no exception.

After our picnic dinner he waved his flag, blew bubbles with Grandma, ate some more, and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I know Becca didn't love this one, but I think it's a great candid :-) introducing Steven to the BSO...

Miss Emma made her rounds with everyone.

She has been looking forward to this for literally a year. I'm not sure if she actually remembered from last year, but she has asked about music and fireworks for Omi's birthday at least monthly!

More lap sitting...

Emma and Uncle Kevin really bonded over the BSO :-) she shared her fruit snacks and they chatted it up!

Glow sticks and necklaces came out for the second half of the concert.

And for the fireworks!

Will did great and tells us pretty frequently, "fireworks went bang, bang, BANG!"

Emma kept telling us all evening that she would be a little scared but would try to be brave, and she was!

Mostly enjoying herself, but with my hands over her ears.

On the 4th we had a great party to celebrate Mom's birthday!

I had a nice surprise visit from Alison who is in town from Mexico!

And Emma took about 10 minutes to get completely warmed up to Alison.

Such a fun 24 hours!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing them!

ChewBecca said...

Yay!!! Love you sissy!!