Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keeping Cool

A few Sundays ago we headed down to Rehobeth to visit with the Thompsons after church. It was such a hot afternoon that the beach sounded miserable and even the backyard with a freezing cold pool was pretty sweltering!

The kiddos enjoyed throwing themselves into and out of the pool. Since the sides were pretty tall they didn't always make it out on their feet!

Filling up the little pool...

Emma had a great time splashing around in the deep pool

And Will split his time between the pool and watching Daddy and Mr. Billy play horseshoes.

Check out that handsome face!

Emma and Will have also discovered a strong passion for corn on the cob this summer. Emma polished off most of the ear by herself...

with a little help from Will!

Instead of the beach we opted for dinner on the boardwalk at Grotto's. Will ate two whole (very large slices) and Emma nearly as much! Then we spent a little time on the rides at Funland.

Fun on the boats...

Emma waited so patiently to ride the carousel,

with her tickets in hand.

And she had a blast!

Despite the face, Will quite enjoyed himself as well.

Lots of fun on the carousel!

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