Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing Pretend

Both Emma and Will are doing a lot of pretend play lately. For instance...

In the middle of her quiet rest/naptime, Emma started screaming like something was really wrong. "AHHHH! Ahhh! Help! Mommy!" I rush into her room to find her playing on the floor. "The sharks were trying to get me"

Another "naptime" both kids were wide awake and talking to each other through their shared wall...
W: Hey Emma!
E: What Will?
W: What doin' Emma? All done nap?
E: Its still not 3-zero-zero. I have an idea, lets bang on the wall!
W: No, stop Emma! Stop!

Emma: Mommy, I am making some ice cream for you.
Me: Thanks Emma, that's so sweet!
E: Yes, this ice cream makes your bottom feel better when its a little sore.
M: Oh, really?
E: Yes, its chocolate ice cream and it helps bottoms feel better. Its almost ready then you can eat it. It goes in your mouth, then to your throat, then to your bottom.

On a separate occasion,
Emma: Mommy, I am making you something to eat in the mircrowave. Its barium.

Will: A frog! A frog on the floor! See, there it is! A frog mommy!
Me: There's nothing there Will.
W: I pretending!

Emma (throwing a toy up in the air) Its flying! Do you see it flying?
Me: Its not actually flying. You're throwing it up into their air and it falls back down. The only things that can fly are birds and airplanes and things like that.
E: And Peter Pan can fly.

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Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding...they are talking like that through their wall??!!! Oh my!!!

guitargirl75 said...

That is so amazing all those different events you recorded. They are exceptional children. Thanks for sharing such cute stories. I especially liked the one of them talking thru the wall...reminds me of how I used to try to talk to uncle Bill!

Great Oma said...

Yeah, but Bill was usually asleep, and Joni was still awake.