Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sesame Place

Several weeks ago we met Grandma in Pennsylvania to go to Sesame Place.

Emma and Will had a blast riding the luggage cart in the hotel, naturally.

The rides were a lot of fun for both of them, and we had the last cool day this spring, so it wasn't too hot either.

A family photo.

Emma and Will with Grandma.

We worked our way up to this little rollercoaster. Emma was SO excited to ride it, especially because we had been talking to her about our upcoming Busch Gardens trip to ride coasters. She ended up not being a fan (in fact, the whole ride was "I want to get off I want to get off!"), but she agreed that she would like to go again when she is 4 or 5.

Riding the balloons.

And the swings (possibly Emma's favorite).

Since it was cloudy, the weather was a little cool for the waterpark, which was a shame because it was really nice. The kids played in the pools for a bit, then we attempted some rides.

The family raft ride was not as innocent as we thought...both kids got very wet didn't really enjoy themselves! Will refused to do any other water rides, but Emma went on one more smaller tube ride (crying), before we called it quits. Poor kiddos, it was way past naptime and they were just done.

We did one more ride on the Merry-go-round,

and Will enjoyed the flying fish once more.

Sitting on Daddy's shoulders to watch the parade.

Then Will crashed on the way out of the park. He slept all the way through the van ride back to the hotel on my lap, and didn't stir getting in his carseat.

A few minutes down the road, Emma joined him!

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