Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Emma's new signs

Emma has really taken off in the last few weeks on the number of signs that she can do. Her newest ones include milk:


Music, Eat (food), and Diaper

She also understands the word ball (we will ask her where the ball is and she will pick it up).

Emma has also started signing a few basic sentences. She does "more, please" while eating. She will sign "more food" and point to the food that she wants.

We are so pleased with how well she is doing with the signs, and the really cool thing is that we can communicate with her so much more now, even with just these few words.
She's pretty pleased with herself too!


GrandMomPat said...

cute/funny face. How many teeth does she have? that pic make her look like she has a bunch. as for her advancing in communication, she is very smart, comes from very special genes,

MVB said...

That's great you are teaching her sign language. I did it with Ethan and it was so helpful. It really helped his language skills. I hope to do it with Caleb as well. I have two DVD's if you ever want to borrow them.

guitargirl75 said...

I agree w/ GrandMom Pat...she is very smart, and she shows the time spent with you and Martin teaching her. These are special days for all of you to get to know each other, and share your lives. Enjoy every minute!

Anonymous said...

So I never realized that being a grandpa would mean learning a new language! Can you refer us to a web site or list that you have of these signs so we can "speak Emma" better??!!!