Sunday, February 7, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Alaska!

We thought the snow we got back in December was a big deal...until the blizzard hit Friday night! It is impressive to be sure. We got about 30 inches by the official estimates, and everywhere in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey band of snow got at least 2 feet!

The snow stopped late in the afternoon yesterday, so Martin and I ventured out to shovel a little and take a look at the snow.

Our front door:

Sitting on top of the snow we shoveled out of the driveway. Since it was such a wet snow it packed down fairly easily.

We've had a plow come through a couple of times and standing on top of it I was level with our bedroom windows.

Emma was taking her nap while we were outside, so we had some fun playing with her after she woke up.

Then, after dinner, Emma was walking around in the living room and went over to her coat and scarf and started carrying them around with her. It seemed like she wanted to go outside, so we bundled her up and took her out to look at some of the snow.

Today we are looking forward to taking her out in the snow and seeing if we can get her to enjoy playing a little!


InDeeds said...

This weather is quite ridiculous! But definitely fun to play in!

Jason and Megan said...

I love the picture of you and Emma, it's so sweet!