Friday, February 5, 2010

Emma's photo album

For Christmas, Becca gave Emma a photo album filled with pictures of family and friends. This is so that Emma can see their pictures and hopefully will better remember different people, even though she doesn't get to see many of them very often.

The last few days Emma has been very attached to this book. She carries it around with her, then sits down to flip through the pages.

She's really into the pictures.

And apparently studies very intently!

Thank you so much, Becca!


Rebecca said...

awwwww yay you don't know how happy this makes my heart :) I'm so glad she likes it that much and hopefully it will help the next time she sees her aunties!

InDeeds said...

That photo book is a really cool idea! And that is cool that she likes it so much!

Anonymous said...

Pookie, this was the best present idea ever!!!!! I hope you make my kids one some day :) I need to see my little munchkin again, I miss her!!! don't forget to point out to her who her favorite aunt is okay ba? (hint hint me)

Great Oma said...

Awe. I didn't know you gave her that, Becca. Hope my picture's in it. She is so precious.