Thursday, September 9, 2010

August Book List

I started off August by finishing the Han Solo trilogy. These books were really fun to read, especially since this last book ends right where Episode IV (A New Hope) begins. If Lucas had only let Ms. Crispin work on the dialogue for the prequels, they would have been so much better!

As part of BookSneeze, I was given a copy of this new Anne Bradstreet biography to read and review. I am still working on the review post, but I did really enjoy the book. I am not into poetry as a general rule, but a few of her poems were assigned in high school, and I have loved her ever since. I especially liked that this book gave background information about the situation for Puritans like Anne who were new to America, and that Anne was able to accomplish so much writing while taking care of her family, her many children, and often in poor health herself!

I listened to this John Grisham book on cd, which is great because I am able to do dishes, clean up, and cross-stitch while listening to the story. This was not one of my favorites by Grisham, except for the ending, which I found to be unique and perfect. One of the main characters has what I would consider to be a fairly legitimate conversion experience in the book as well, which was very interesting to read.

The Hunger Games was on the summer reading list for many schools in the area, and I really enjoyed it! Its youth fiction, so it goes by very quickly and easily. I can see this book becoming the new generation's version of Lord of the Flies or 1984. The author has woven such a compelling story that is full of political issues that are relevant today. I would not be surprised to have this assigned in a Political Science class at the collegiate level at some point too.

I got this book from the library to read to Emma (which we have done), but I ended up sitting in bed and reading the whole thing one Sunday afternoon. It was so much fun to read through all of the Curious George stories in a row and exciting that Emma is old enough now to begin to enjoy them too!

Read any good books lately??


Adrian and Meredith said...

I just checked out The Grapes of Wrath on CD from the library. I somehow never had to read it in school, so I wanted to try it. The only annoying thing is that every time I look at it, I get the Veggie Tales song by the same title stuck in my head.

Ten Page said...

I just added "The Hunger Games" to my list of books to check out. I'm really looking forward to reading "Son of Hamas" as soon as I can clear the reading queue a bit. I just finished reading "The Evolution of God" by Robert Wright--it was interesting, but I have some reservations about it. It's a tome, but if you ever decide to plow through it, I'd be really interested in what you think.