Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Girl!

Over the weekend, we got Emma's new room mostly ready for her...we just do not have her bed yet. We are hoping to go pick up the bed this week, but since we're not sure when it will actually happen, we decided to try having Emma sleep on her crib mattress on the floor in her new room.

I talked with her about her new room while we got her ready for bed and we sat with her for a few minutes, but she was so exhausted, she seemed like she just wanted to go to sleep! We covered her up and she waved goodbye as usual...and we didn't hear one peep from her! Out of curiosity, we check on her an hour later. She had flipped sides of the bed, but was sacked out, still on the mattress!

This morning, I ended up waking her up (and she has not been sleeping in this summer!) and she was still on the mattress! She seemed very excited to wake up in her new room. I got a few pictures of her cute bed head. We'll see how naptime goes, but she could end up just loving that too!


InDeeds said...

I love the bed head!

Anonymous said...

Oh, major cuteness once again! I'm so glad she enjoyed the first night...hopefully a smooth transition for the big girl!