Thursday, September 16, 2010


Monday night was the first Ravens game of the season, broadcast on Baltimore TV, which we do not usually get in Delaware. Our friends brought over their digital antennae to see if we could get the signal up in our loft. It worked well, as long as someone held the antennae....

Then Martin walked over in a corner with a metal coat hanger and jokingly said, "what if this helps?"...perfect picture! No joke!

We ended up fixing this contraption:

Digital antennae sitting on top of a metal trash can on top of the ironing board....with a few metal coat hangers thrown in for good measure!

It worked, the Ravens squeaked one out, and if the rest of the season is like that game, they are going to send me into labor! Keep it up Ravens!

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Ten Page said...

That's FANTASTIC!! My sister up at UD complains about how she only gets to see Eagles games. Here's hoping you can see more Ravens games (that are not nail-biters like Monday's game)!