Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally, some cooler weather!

I have been loving the temperatures in the 70s! It makes baking so much more enjoyable!

Although I am looking forward to when I can bake without this getting in the way (and getting covered in flour!


InDeeds said...

Haha. The best is when you think you have dusted all the flour off your belly, only to realized you missed some on the side of your belly that you cant see.

Anonymous said...

So I'm glad you're enjoying the bread but I was hoping to see some photos from the weekend excursion to the zoo, especially of a little someone special! ;)

Beth Anne said...

Working on it....hopefully this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I figured...sorry I'm so impatient! As Mom said, I'm smitten for sure.

So to make you laugh, introducing myself last night at BSF, I said I have 3 daughters, two sons-in-law, and 1 and 8/9 grandchildren! :)