Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trip to the Baltimore Zoo

On Saturday, we visited the Baltimore Zoo with Grandmom. It was a perfect day - a nice cool breeze in the morning, sunny and warm (but not too hot) for the afternoon!

Emma had a great time seeing all the animals she knows from her books! We saw ostriches,

Signing for more

Looking for the cheetah

Emma loved pointing out the giraffe

Little cutie!

Can you tell that these two are related?

Emma in the Oriole Bird nest!

And with Grandmom in the heron nest

The view through the giant turtle shells

Emma loved getting to ride on the train!

A real "live" choo-choo!

Looking at birds with Daddy

Emma loved petting the goats! This was a big change from a few months ago at the Delaware State Fair when she got upset if the goats (behind a fence even) looked at her!

She loved following them around, and even pulled the tail of one!

Riding the big turtle (tur-tur, right Aunt Sarah?)

And we waited until the way out to get a family picture...somehow we all look pretty good still, but we were totally exhausted! Probably Emma's favorite part was the chimp house, which we didn't get any pictures of because they were all behind glass. She loved watching the monkeys and got a very up close view of one that swung on a rope right in front of us!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! THANK YOU!!! :)

Great Oma said...

What a real cutie? I want to hold her and squeeze her tight, but I won't hurt her. Kisses to you Emma.

GrandMomPat said...

Wonderful day. Thankyou for sharing Emma. It was such a treat for me. Hugs and Kisses to all

InDeeds said...

I love the family picture by the lion! I told Jacob that that was a must while we were there...everyone gets a lion family portrait. He thought it was a silly idea. Oh well. :-)